Lexis Hibiscus

Port Dickson

Lexis Hibiscus is a luxury resort composed of water villas west of Pantai Cermin, with a view at east facing the lighthouse of Cape Rachado along 12th mile of Port Dickson - also near Blue Lagoon. One of the largest hotels in PD, the resort sprawls across sea in the formation of a hibiscus flower, best seen from a helicopter ride (available from the hotel).

Arranged in neat formations of cabin-like chalets, the rooms feature contemporary accommodation in a spacious setting with luxurious amenities that include a private dip pool and sauna, pair of king beds and glass panel on floor to view marine life below. Near the villas, an artificial water fountain spouts from sea over 120 meters-high, a grand view also visible from the public beach and immediate surroundings.


Number of Rooms: 639