Tanjung Tuan

Port Dickson

Port Dickson's best beaches are hidden away at the Tanjung Tuan coastal forest, about 17km south from PD town at the tip of Cape Rachado. Being a protected park, the beaches along this forested cape are beautifully preserved, with crystal clear waters and sparkling white sand, not unlike tropical island destinations. Sheltered from tourist and hotel development, visitors have to hike through jungle and scramble down hilly slopes to reach isolated beaches - each imbued with its own natural charisma and pristine scenery. Tanjung Tuan is also a lush nature reserve, with potential wildlife sightings and botanical treasures to appreciate.

From the lighthouse at the peak, a 1km uphill walk from the Tanjung Tuan entrance next to Blue Lagoon, a jungle trail leads through the coastal forest, passing by several entry points for small pockets of beachside. The most popular beach lies directly at the tip of the cape, which takes about 20-30 minutes of hiking following the signboards towards Pulau Intan. Here, contained within bays at both sides of the cape, are spectacular beaches that reveal themselves completely at low tide.

While relatively small, the environment is unparalleled, with soft white sands and clear sea waters that gleam with a brilliant turquoise hue under a bright sun. Magnificent rocky formations and karst landscapes line the outlying edges of the bay, providing more mesmerising scenery for visitors. Continuing on the jungle trail will lead to more beaches, but smaller ones as the sea becomes murky towards Pulau Masjid.