Palm Springs Resort

Duta Villas, Golf

The Palm Springs Resort City is an aging apartment development at the 13th mile of Port Dickson, consisting of two hotel blocks; Duta Springs Golf Resort and Duta Hacienda Riviera Resort. Situated on 500 acres of beachfront land, much of which is still undeveloped, the resort has a functioning 18-hole golf course, club village park, and a car drifting circuit at the Extreme Park. The Palm Springs development was ambitiously planned to be a massive retail, commerce and leisure hub of Port Dickson, but many of the projects remain incomplete today. The environment is slighty eerie because of the partial abandonment and wild grass, but a stay here is at least truly undisturbed.
  • Standard Room
  • Superior Room.
  • Club Village with artificial beach pool
  • 18-hole golf course
  • Conference Halls (1,000-2,000 pax)
  • Extreme Park drifting circuit
  • Tennis courts.
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